Maria Bradford Kitchen – The African Fine Dining Company launches new website!

17 March, 2018 Maria Bradford Kitchen – The African Fine Dining Company launches new website!

UK Based Sierra Leonean Culinary Creative Maria Bradford launches new website on her Birthday – 17th March.

Happy Birthday Maria!

When Maria Bradford sat down with Pillory Barn, Kent’s Award Winning Creative and Digital Agency to talk about what she wanted her new website to do, the overriding soundbite that came back was:

“Maria Bradford Kitchen is not just about African fine dining, but is about bringing African inspired products to life through unique experiences, celebrating culture and inspiring enterprise. Maria Bradford Kitchen is more than just a kitchen. It’s a lifestyle”.

Maria cooks unapologetically authentic Sierra Leonean dishes and wherever possible will use locally sourced produce. She is also keen to become an ambassador for Sierra Leonean producers because agricultural development and food security are the key foundations for economic growth and poverty reduction in Sierra Leone.

Lord Lever the founder of Lever Brothers is quoted as saying “Nothing can be greater than a business that is governed by conscience”.  Maria says “Business must make a positive contribution to society. Otherwise why should it exist?”.

Maria is keen to work with likeminded people who curate and run African inspired events and hire iconic spaces. Africa is the final frontier of food and we want to work with producers, event managers, business owners, fashionistas, restaurateurs and club owners or anyone who feels as passionately as she does about introducing African culture to a broader audience.