About Maria

Curious about African food? You are in the right place.

My name is Maria Bradford, I am on a mission to help you discover African food. African food is healthy. African food is tasty and African food will open you to a brand new world of flavours and experiences.

Why is African food so trendy?

If you are a food lover, you have probably noticed that African food is all the rage at present. Most of us are getting tired of the same over-processed, bland dishes which not only aren’t nutritious but aren’t particularly healthy either.

The alternative of following strict low carbs and vegetable diets isn’t too appealing either. What if there was a way to eat healthily while enjoying dishes which are both delicious and nutritious?

Traditional African cooking only uses local organic ingredients freshly cooked according to age-old recipes, without any additives or preservatives. If you want to eat healthily while enjoying delicious dishes, African food is for you.

Can anyone enjoy African food?

If you like tasty, healthy food, you’ll love African food. Maria Bradford kitchen brings to your doorstep the complete experience of African cooking and dining, as well as a full-range of own-brand products available exclusively in our online shop.

My kitchen is all about the reinvention of traditional dishes, fused with fresh and sustainable ingredients, taking inspiration from Maria’s Sierra Leonean heritage and travels on the African continent.

Why did I start Maria Bradford Kitchen?

I started cooking when I was nine years old. Although I’ve always loved cooking for my friends and family, I’d never actually considered this to be a serious career.

When I was growing up in Sierra Leone, the dominant career advice was to become an accountant. Until my early twenties, I even convinced myself that this was the only realistic career path for me.

I studied for an accounting degree and even gained employment in accounting roles. I was unhappy and unfulfilled working in roles I didn’t enjoy.

However, every time I cooked for people they loved it and were very complimentary. For ten years I thought they were just polite.

My ‘aha moment’ occurred when my cousin asked me to cater for her baby shower. Everyone loved it so much that I decided to follow my instinct and go for it by turning my passion into a business.

From this point onwards, I had found my calling: bringing delicious African dishes to a broader audience.

Now I’m regularly holding dinner parties, corporate events and weddings in several African countries and the UK. I also have a growing product line of drinks and sauces available via my online shop

It’s been a whirlwind of a journey, and I love it. I love this job! I love creating new dishes, and I want to be an ambassador for African ingredients, African food all inspired by my Sierra Leonean heritage.

Ready to try African food?

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We can also organise private dining events or cooking classes in your own home.

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