Sierra Leonean Produce

Most food staples in Sierra Leone are produced on small scale, in a household-based subsistence economy.

For example, my mother has a small garden with an horticulture area in her compound. She grows a variety of fruits and vegetables such as bananas, potato leaves, crane crane, and cassava.

Agriculture is responsible for almost half of Sierra Leone’s GDP and employs about two-thirds of the population; yet farming families have the highest levels of poverty, at about 80%.

Rice, cassava and vegetables are the main staple crops. Lack of investment, poor access to credit, weak infrastructure and non-existent agricultural support services are the major constraints to agricultural development.  Agricultural development and food security are the key foundations for economic growth and poverty reduction in Sierra Leone.

I am always seeking to make new connections with Sierra Leonean producers both large and small. I cook authentic Sierra Leonean dishes and wherever possible will use locally-sourced produce. I am also keen to become an ambassador for Sierra Leonean producers.